The Colors of Lent

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The Colors of Lent

We use altar paraments, banners and other ways of placing color in the sanctuary to visually remind us of our church’s liturgical season.  You will find three colors used on the cross during the season of Lent.   The color for Lent is purple.  Purple traditionally symbolizes royalty.  In the Lenten season, we address the duality of Christ’s nature, His Kingship as Son of God, and His humble death on the cross for our salvation.

Other colors you see used during Lent are black and white.  Traditionally black represents death and mourning.  On Good Friday and Holy Saturday, we drape the cross with black as a remembrance of Christ’s death on the cross.  On Easter Sunday morning, we remove the black drape and replace it with a white drape.  The white color reminds us of the sinless death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.  The perfection of our Lord, the Gift of Salvation, that is the Easter message, is highlighted by the white, pure color.

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